#PlanetElbrus I call it. Because it truly is. It’s a whole another Planet to me. My own one. It’s different from anywhere else. This is my home. This where I grew up and learned to live in the mountains and understand them. This is my paradise. My land. My people. My culture. Guiding international guests on Mount Elbrus on the highest western guiding standards, showing you our Caucasian culture, this magical beauty of the Great Caucasus Mountains, and make Planet Elbrus the center of the world for myself – that was my biggest dream and my ultimate goal since I was a little kid. I always knew I was born for this. I knew this is my destiny and I knew my heart is on Elbrus.”

- Vitaly Stegno

65+ Years Of Ultimate Mount Elbrus Guiding Experience since 1953

Elbrus Guiding is our family business. We have been guiding on Mt. Elbrus on the highest level of performance for more than 65 years since 1953. When you choose to climb Elbrus with RMH, you know, you're in safe hands.

Founded and owned by Internationally Certified Best Local Elbrus Guides

Local on Elbrus, RMH Mountain Guides are trained by the Russian Mountain Guides Association and extremely qualified with decades of guiding on Elbrus. Operating on another level, we make you a priority from the moment you first contact us.

Unrivaled Quality & a 100% Safety Rate for more than 6 Decades

Exceptional guaranteed quality and safety record of our Elbrus Climbing Tours is what makes us different. We bring deep approach and top level quality to Elbrus Guiding Industry while making your dream come true. Safely and Flawlessly.

Proudly specializing in

Exclusively Guided Mt. Elbrus Climbing Tours


Since 1953

Elbrus Climbing with the Highest Level of Safety

It's a fact. We care about your maximum Safety level on the mountain like no one else. Whatever your reasons for climbing Elbrus, choosing RMH, you get what you pay for. We are not a company that hires Guides. We are all certified and highly qualified Elbrus local Guides with more than 700 successful Elbrus summits.

Proven Quality & Unrivaled Family Style Approach

Your maximum comfort and your flawless Elbrus climbing experience is our primary concern. We've spent years working on the best possible logistics, and we paid attention to every single tiny aspect behind the scenes to maximize your experience and deliver the most exclusive trips that are perfect in every detail.

Guaranteed Deepest Local Knowledge & Expertise

We are true local yetis who grew up climbing Elbrus. When you choose to climb with RMH, you get your trip management on the highest level of performance with our deepest local knowledge, which makes your experience authentic and flexible. It's important to us to see you reaching the summit and we work for it.

Excellence That Has Been Proved

2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence | Russian Mountain Holidays - RMH Elbrus Local Guides
2018 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence | Russian Mountain Holidays - Elbrus Local Guides (RMH)
Vitaly Stegno - RMH CEO and Lead Guide | Russian Mountain Holidays - Elbrus Local Guides (RMH)

Vitaly Stegno

RMH Founder, Owner, Lead Guide & Mastermind

"I want to personally thank you for visiting the RMH website. I welcome and appreciate you here. Being local on Mount Elbrus, I’m an International Mountain & Ski Guide with more than 10 years of ultimate guiding experience on Elbrus and more than 65 successful guided summit ascents. Having studied professional Mountain Guiding in Canada BC, and coming back home to the Caucasus Mountains, I was the first local on Elbrus to bring the International Mountain Guiding standards and the western knowledge to the Elbrus guiding industry.

I have put all my heart and soul into everything we do at RMH. We exist because every member of the crew is passionate about guiding on Mount Elbrus and RMH philosophy. Everything we do at RMH is a reflection of that passion. I’ve spent years forming the Dream Team of Guides. INNOVATION, RMH PRODUCT, and PASSION – that was my focus. We know, what is takes traveling to Russia across the ocean. There are lots of logistics and stresses coming with getting a Visa, organizing flights, and so on. Knowing and respecting that, we want to see every single RMH guest reaching the summit of Elbrus – the top of Europe. Safely, flawlessly and having fun. We work hard to maximize your safety, comfort, and success, and always try to do everything possible for you to achieve your goals.

We’re a family-owned and operated business, and in the third generation, I proudly continue the man’s work of my great-grandfather – Pal Phil, the Snow Leopard and the climbing legend of the USSR. He was one of the very first mountain guides on Elbrus, bringing international guests to the summit since 1930. It is a great honor for me to continue what he has dedicated his life to. I always knew I was born for this. I knew this is my destiny and I always followed my heart and had a vision of the future of the Elbrus guiding industry.

Today, thanks to our family-style personal approach, deepest local knowledge and expertise, international western guiding standards, and decades of guiding experience on Elbrus, we proudly deliver the highest possible quality on our Mount Elbrus climbing tours in a small 8-guest group format. We pay attention to all the tiny details behind the scene because for us - they matter. I and every RMH guide grew up climbing Mount Elbrus and we know this mountain like no one else in the industry. We are true local Elbrus yetis. We are the Tribe. We are different. We appreciate that you trust your Mount Elbrus climb to RMH! Please, feel free to contact me personally, at any time, with any questions you may have.

Welcome to the Tribe!"

Vitaly Stegno Signature | RMH GUIDES (Russian Mountain Holidays)

Ultimate Mount Elbrus Climbing Experience –

Explore our Chef’s menu:

Maybe you want to climb Elbrus as a stand-alone achievement and experience the thrill of standing on the highest point in Europe. Or maybe you want to climb Elbrus as part of the Seven Summits. Whatever your reasons for climbing Mount Elbrus, at Russian Mountain Holidays we believe we get all the best options for you. Thanks to our network of local contacts all around the Elbrus region, we give you the best accommodation and cuisine, and our local knowledge means that we provide you with the most unique and flexible acclimatization program and take you to our favorite places that you might not get to visit with other companies. We don’t just guide you on Elbrus, we show you the Caucasian culture deeper and get you a whole lot closer.

Action Video Production –

We Film Your Elbrus Climbing Adventure

High-quality action video production is our big passion and our second specialty. When you’re chasing the Seven Summits and looking for some sponsors, you would love to film your project and get some stunning footage of you reaching the summit, especially when you’re climbing the highest peak of Europe in Russia. But it’s not easy and cheap bringing your own filming crew all the way through to climb Elbrus with you. At RMH, we can film your Elbrus climbing experience using professional filming gear such as DJI drones, professional video cameras, and GoPros. We will create a professional edited high-quality video of your entire climb with you in the lead role. Being a hero of your project is easy with us. If you want your ultimate Elbrus climbing experience to be filmed, simply contact us straight away to get all the details.

About Us – Russian Mountain Holidays | Elbrus Guides


Check out who is behind RMH. We’re only a small family size guiding company based in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains at the foot of Mt. Elbrus, but that means we don’t just treat you like a client, we treat you like part of the family.

Elbrus Climbing: A Deep Look From Inside


During the season, we have asked our guests to tell about their Elbrus climbing experience in the North Caucasus Mountains. We interviewed many different people from many different countries all over the globe. This is what they told us.

Project7: Mount Elbrus Climb


PROJECT7 with Eric Pilon-Bignell from Canada: Climbing big mountains with a purpose. The Seven Summits are composed of each of the highest mountain peaks on each of the seven continents. One of these peaks, the highest in Europe and Russia is Mount Elbrus 5642 m., found in the North Caucasus, Russia.

How to Get to Mount Elbrus?

From the very beginning, we had a dream of creating the best and the most trustful Elbrus Guiding company in the industry. The result is Russian Mountain Holidays. We pay attention to details and take care of you from the first moment you contact us. Booking a trip with us is easy, but organizing the whole trip to get to Elbrus from your end, you will need to go through a few simple but important steps.

  • Search Your Trip

    First, just browse our website and select one of our Elbrus climbing trips for you between the Ski-tour ascent, South, North, and Traverse Routes.

  • Contact Us

    Contact us by email, WhatsApp or via our Contact form and book your trip. We always happy to help you with any questions at any time.

  • Get Your Visa

    You need to get a Visa. After we get your deposit payment, we send you the official Invitation Letter with which you can apply for a Russian Tourist Visa.

  • Grab a Ticket

    Pack your gear and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! We meet you at the Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) and the adventure begins.

  • And Here You Are

    Explore the Caucasus from a different perspective. Elbrus region is an amazing place with great people, stunning nature, and Big Mountains.

RMH Elbrus Guides

We are local Elbrus Guides who grew up climbing Elbrus, and Elbrus guiding is what we do every day for 8 months a year. At Russian Mountain Holidays, we don’t have any specialists or managers in the office, because we have created the RMH to not sit in the office. Every single day we are out there playing in our big favorite backyard on #PlanetElbrus. Over the last six decades, we have achieved a lot in providing top quality services for Elbrus climbing and become one of the world’s best companies in the Elbrus guiding industry. All RMH Elbrus Guides are top-level mountain professionals who are trained, experienced, fully certified, and responsible for what they do.


When you contact RMH, you communicate with Vitaly Stegno (the CEO and Lead Guide) in person from the very beginning, so you get the most trustful and up to date information about the conditions on the mountain. We are not interested in simply selling you any tour and making money. Elbrus guiding is not a money business for us at RMH, but our life’s passion and soul purpose. We are in the business of meeting great people and guiding them in great places, and our mission is to share our passion, love and local knowledge with our guests. We are constantly striving to improve our services and give our guests the safest and the most incredible Elbrus climbing experience they are looking for. That is exactly why we have created the Russian Mountain Holidays.

Vitaly Stegno - RMH CEO and Lead Guide | Russian Mountain Holidays - Elbrus Local Guides (RMH)

Vitaly “AKA Vito” Stegno

The CEO & Founder / Lead Guide

Founder, Owner, Mastermind & Lead Guide of the RMH. Mount Elbrus local. Professional Certified Mountain and Ski Guide. RMGA member. Avalanche Expert. Canadian Avalanche Association Operations Level 1. Previous The North Face athlete. 10+ years of Elbrus guiding experience with more than 67 successful guided Elbrus summit ascents.

Wilderness First Aid Courses by RMGA standards.

RMH Elbrus Guides - George Bushuev | Russian Mountain Holidays (RMH) - Elbrus Local Guides

George “AKA Jose” Bushuev

The Mountain & Ski Guide

The local aborigine. Professional Certified Mountain and Ski Guide. 11 years of professional athlete career in ski slalom and giant slalom. Top 5 freeskier of the Russian Freeride Championship 2018. Professional Ski Instructor. Mt. Elbrus Ski Patrol. Professional active Mountain Rescuer of Mt. Elbrus Resort.

Wilderness First Aid Courses by Mountain Rescue Emergency Department & Snow Patrol standards.

70+ successful Elbrus summits.

RMH Elbrus Guides - Kate Belash | Russian Mountain Holidays (RMH) - Elbrus Local Guides

Kate “Super K” Belash

The Mountain & Ski Guide

Professional Mountain and Ski Guide. Professional Ski Instructor of the Russian National League of Ski Instructors. University degree in Meteorology. Avalanche Control officer. Marathon runner. A super strong athlete and a very experienced climber with more than 8 years of guiding experience on Mt. Elbrus.

Wilderness First Aid Courses by Snow Patrol standards.


Connect with us, share and inspire.


Connect with us, share and inspire.


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65+ years of Ultimate Elbrus Guiding Experience with a 100% Safety Rate. Since 1953