Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE:

Dear RMH Guests,

@russianmountainholidays CEO & Founder – Vitaly Stegno here.

As a Founder and CEO of the @russianmountainholidays Family, I greatly appreciate the trust you place in us when it comes to climbing Mount Elbrus.

For that moment, Coronavirus (COVID-19) hasn’t been registered in the South of Russia at all. The situation here is very stable at the moment.

Of course, we can not guarantee anything for 100%, and we are watching the situation closely.

For that moment, everything is good in the South of Russia where we are located, and we hope it will stay the same by the entire season.

If the situation will change dramatically here and the borders will be closed, we will see what’s next and we will try our best to work out plan “B” for all RMH guests, but for now, we are 90% sure that the situation will be fully stabilized by April, and there is no reason to start worrying now about cancelling your Elbrus climbing trip. Let’s see how it goes by April.

Again, we are watching the situation closely and we’ll keep you posted.

But in any case no matter what, we always strongly advising the purchase of Medical Evacuation Insurance, which will offer protection to you in the event of unforeseen travel restrictions, personal illness, etc.

Yours truly,

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