We are not a Guiding Company. We are a Guiding Family with a deep history. 

When we created the Russian Mountain Holidays, we wanted to create something really unique and special. We wanted to give our guests the most magical experience they could ever imagine, and then, let them keep those memories with them forever. Whether you want to climb to the summit of Mount Elbrus and experience the thrill of standing on the highest point in Europe, or experience some of the best backcountry skiing in the world in the pure Caucasian wilderness, we believe that Russian Mountain Holidays has the best options to make your vacay Epic for Real. At RMH, we are in the business of “experience of a lifetime” and this is what we do every single day.
Vitaly Stegno Jr – The Founder and CEO of the RMH

The CEO & Founder, and Lead Guide of the Russian Mountain Holidays. Professional Certified Mountain and Ski Guide. Russian Mountain Guides Association member. Avalanche Expert and previous The North Face Athlete.

Vitaly Stegno Jr

The CEO & Founder / Lead Guide
Vitaly Stegno – The Superhero

Vitaly's Dad
He devoted his life to the family and put an invaluable contribution to the development of his children and the Russian Mountain Holidays.

Vitaly Stegno

The Superhero
Dasha & Masha Stegno – RMH Family

The future Rock-n-Roll Queens. They are about to ride hard and climb high just in a couple years and we hope they will chase the same dream with us and will make this world even better!

Dasha & Masha Stegno

The Future
Kate Stegno | RMH Team

Always shines like the sun! She helps out wherever needed and contributes to the good mood within the team.

Kate Stegno

The Angel
Vladimir Kotlyar – RMH Mountain & Ski Guide

Professional Mountain and Ski Guide. Super strong climber with more than 10 years of Guiding experience all over the planet. Recently summited Mt. Everest. One of the most experienced Guides in Russia that you can find.

Vladimir Kotlyar

The Mountain & Ski Guide
RMH Mountain Guides | George Bushuev

The local aborigine. Professional Mountain and Ski Guide. 11 years of Professional Athlete career in slalom and giant slalom. Top 5 Freeskier of the Russian Freeride Championship 2018. Professional Ski Instructor. Mt. Elbrus Ski Patrol. Professional active Mountain Rescuer of Elbrus Resort. And just literally Maestro.

George (Maestro) Bushuev

The Mountain & Ski Guide
RMH Mountain Guides | Michael Semenchuk

Professional Mountain and Ski Guide. Russian Special Forces member. Russian rock climbing Champion. 8 years of Guiding experience in the Caucasus mountains with more than 100 successful ascents on Mt. Elbrus.

Michael Semenchuk

The Mountain & Ski Guide
RMH Mountain Guides | Kate Belash

Our sweet Super K. Professional Mountain and Ski Guide. Professional Ski Instructor of the Russian National League of Ski Instructors. Meteorologist. Avalanche Control officer. Simply incredible lady, but at the same time a super strong athlete and ultimately experienced climber with more than 8 years of guiding experience on Mt. Elbrus.

Kate (Super K) Belash

The Mountain & Ski Guide
RMH Mountain Guides | Kseniya Kotlyar

Professional Mountain & Ski Guide. More than 15 years of guiding experience on Mt. Elbrus. More than 200 successful ascents. Also works as a Mountain Guide on Aconcagua in Argentina and as a trekking guide in Patagonia.

Kseniya Kotlyar

The Mountain & Trekking Guide

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