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Mount Elbrus South Route

Classic South Route

The Classic Route from the South Side is the shortest and technically the easiest way up to the summit. The main advantage of this trip is the comfort, which includes the ability to use a cable car up to 3850 meters to transfer all your gear, high camp accommodation at the comfortable mountain hut with electricity for 24 hours and also the ability to use a snowcat and snowmobiles up to 5100 meters, in case if needed.

Tour price: €1740.00 EURO

North Route

The North side of Elbrus is where you are far away from civilization and all that is connected with it! There are no any snowmobiles, ski lifts, restaurants, or wifi. It is truly an unforgettable experience in the heart of wild nature. This is also the Route of the first ascenders and one of the most exciting options for climbing for those who are looking for a real challenge and more athletic style of climbing.

Tour price: €1850.00 EURO
Elbrus Climbing from the North | Russian Mountain Holidays
RMH | Mount Elbrus Traverse Route

Traverse Route

The Traverse Route is all about experiencing the benefits of both Routes from South to North. The program is designed for 9 days and you will have a great opportunity to explore both sides of Mount Elbrus, which makes it really unique.

Tour price: €1950.00 EURO

Ski-tour & Backcountry

Ski-touring expedition to Mt. Elbrus is a great opportunity for experienced freeskiers to discover new horizons of the big Caucasus mountains! As experience shows us, the best time of the year to ski-tour Elbrus is May and the first part of June. During this period the snow conditions are pretty awesome for climbing and skiing, so the way up to the summit can be just as incredible as the way down!

Tour price: €1740.00 EURO

RMH | Mount Elbrus Ski-Touring
(RMH) Russian Mountain Holidays | Mount Elbrus Private Tours & Projects

Private Tours & Projects

Unlike other expedition companies, we offer customizable private tours for your requirements and your ability level! Please, contact us by phone call, WhatsApp or email and we will help you to plan your perfect trip!

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