Mount Elbrus Traverse Route Climb: Trip Itinerary & Dates 2021

Start location: Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV), Russia

End location: Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV), Russia

Duration: 9 Days



Group meeting at Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) at 13:00 / 1 PM Moscow time, and transfer to the RMH Lodge in Terskol village by RMH van. Accommodation at the RMH lodge. Welcome briefing and orientation. Signing Waivers and required documentation. Gear check. Overnight stay at the RMH lodge.



Acclimatization hike to Cheget Peak – 3,600 m. Overnight stay at the RMH lodge.



Ascent to the High Camp by cable car. Accommodation at the mountain lodge at 3850 m. Acclimatization hike to Priyut Hut № 11 – 4100 m. Overnight stay at the mountain lodge.



Acclimatization hike to the Pastukhova Rocks – 4800 m. Walking in crampons training. Overnight stay at the mountain lodge.



Rest day. Snow & ice training with level 1 self-arrest course. Guides meeting with a group and client briefing. Overnight stay at the mountain lodge.


SUMMIT DAY (3850 M - 5642 M - 3800 M) - 14 HOURS

Summit day. Mount Elbrus Western Summit climb – 5642 m. Descent to the High Camp (3800 m) on the North Side. Overnight stay in the High Camp at 3800 m., at the mountain shelter.



Reserve day in case of bad weather on the previous day / or descent to the North Side Base Camp at 2500 m. Overnight stay in the Base Camp at the mountain shelter.



Transfer from the Base Camp to Pyatigorsk city (4-5 hours drive). Hotel check-in. Cultural program and sightseeing. Festive dinner. Certificates presentation. Overnight stay at the hotel.



Departure day. Morning transfer at 10:00 / 10 AM from the hotel to Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV).


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EUR €2300.00

per person incl. taxes

EUR €2300.00

per person incl. taxes

EUR €2300.00

per person incl. taxes

Mount Elbrus Traverse Route Climbing Highlights

Elbrus climbing by the Traverse Route is a unique opportunity to explore both sides of Mount Elbrus in one trip.

Climbing Elbrus by the Traverse Route you get a truly authentic cultural experience on the South Side with all the benefits of civilization and a touch of the wild on the North.

Why climb Elbrus Traverse Route with RMH Guides?

We guarantee your maximum Safety on the trip and throughout the entire climb like no one else in the industry.

All RMH Mountain Guides are Internationally Certified and highly qualified with Russian Mountain Guides Association and ACMG, with more than 700 successful Elbrus summits.

We are locals and we always get you a whole lot closer.

At Russian Mountain Holidays, we are as passionate about fabulous and healthy food as we are about everything. We cook you authentic Caucasian cuisine of the Balkarian people from the best local farm products and freshest ingredients. We are also attentive to your special dietary requests and you can always choose the right menu for yourself.

At Russian Mountain Holidays, we work hard to guarantee you the best possible Elbrus climbing experience to our guests and it is impossible when there are too many people in the group. That's why we keep our groups small. We close the booking when there are 8 guests in the group and work with a ratio of 1 RMH Lead Guide to every 3 guests on the Summit Day.

All our groups are always very international, so during the expedition you have a unique opportunity to practice your foreign language and meet interesting people from all around the globe.

All our Elbrus climbing trip packages are truly unique and all-inclusive. Everything is already included in the trip package price and you won't spend a cent more once on spot.

At Russian Mountain Holidays, our mission is to guarantee you flawless quality, deep family style approach, and Safest Elbrus climbing experience while making your dream a reality.

At Russian Mountain Holidays, your Safety is our primary concern. We register every group in the local Elbrus Rescue Service Department and operate in close cooperation with certified rescuers in every group.

At RMH, we do care about your maximum comfort and provide you single occupancy supplement at our cozy RMH Lodge in Terskol village and at the hotel in Pyatigorsk city.

In the High Camp on the South Side, we provide accommodation at the very best mountain lodge available for today on Elbrus.

Our Base Camp on the North Side is equipped with a shower for your best relaxing experience after the climb.


For climbing Elbrus by the Traverse Route must be at least 3 guests in the group.

  • Invitation letter for Russian Visa. We email it to you immediately after we get your deposit payment and a scanned copy of your passport.

  • Local registration fees. For foreign citizens according to the Russian legislation.

  • National Park fees.

  • Climbing Permit.

  • All transportation by RMH van:

     1. Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) – RMH Lodge in Terskol village.

     2. North Side Base Camp – Hotel in Pyatigorsk city.

     3. Hotel in Pyatigorsk – Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV).

  • Accommodation:

     1. Accommodation in Terskol village at the RMH Lodge. Single occupancy supplement.

     2. New comfortable fully heated and fully electric mountain lodge in the High Camp at 3850 meters on the South Side. Mixed dorm with 8 separate beds in every room.

     3. Mountain shelter in the High Camp on the North Side at 3800 m. Mixed dorm.

     4. Mountain shelter in the Base Camp on the North Side at 2500 m. Mixed dorm.

     5. Authentic Soviet hotel in Pyatigorsk in the historic downtown of the city. Single occupancy supplement.

  • Russian Banya (Russian Sauna). Every evening when we are not up on the mountain.
  • All Ski Passes. For all cable cars throughout the trip.

  • Snowcat on the Summit day. From the High Camp lodge (3850 m.) to the Pastukhova Rocks – 4700  m.
  • Snowmobiles. In case of emergency only.
  • All local transfers in Terskol.

  • High-Quality meals. All meals during the entire trip, except days in Pyatigorsk city.

  • RMH Lead Guide. For the entire trip.

  • RMH Second Guide. For the Summit day only.

  • Cook. For the entire stay in mountain lodges and huts.

  • Rescue Service Check-in.

  • 2 Summit Attempts. Above 5000 meters is one attempt. In case if the weather conditions got bad during the summit day, we try again the next day if possible.

  • Completion Certificates.

  • Transfer of personal belongings from the RMH lodge in Terskol village to the hotel in Pyatigorsk. In case if needed.

  • Authentic Caucasian experience.
  • Awesome atmosphere and a lot of fun.
  • Any flights.
  • Russian Visa costs.
  • International Medical & Evacuation Insurance for Alpine Climbing. 
  • Rental of personal climbing equipment.

  • Filming and video production.

  • Additional (Private) Mountain Guides.

  • Additional or individual transfers from /or to Mineralnye Vody Airport. You might need it in case if your flight arrives later than the time when our RMH transfer van departs from the MRV airport on the first day of the trip, or if your return flight out of MRV departs much earlier or much later than the time to which our RMH transfer goes to the airport on the final day of the trip.

  • Alcohol drinks.

  • Any changes in the released on RMH’s website trip program which lead to additional expenses.

Weather conditions:


Please, keep in mind, in the mountains the weather is unpredictable and changes very fast. Depending on the snow and the weather conditions the trip itinerary may be changed in consultation with the group. We want to see all our guests reaching the summit, however, when the conditions become dangerous for climbing we don’t take any risks. It is important to understand that before booking this trip.

Arrival / Departure Instructions:


On the first day of the trip, we meet you at the Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) at 12:30 Moscow time. We wait for you outside the arrival hall of the MRV airport in RMH t-shirts and greet you with smiles.


Our RMH van departs from the main parking of Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) at 13.00 (1 PM). All guests are requested to arrive according to this time. If you arrive later, or much earlier, we can order you a taxi or organize a private transfer for you. Approximate price to get from the airport to our RMH lodge in Terskol village by taxi is about 70-100 EURO. In this case, we meet you upon arrival at the lodge.


On the final day of the trip, our RMH van departs from the hotel in Pyatigorsk to Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV) in the morning at 10.00 (10 AM) Moscow time. We can also order you a taxi or organize a private transfer for you from the hotel if your return flight departs earlier or much later.

Required Elbrus Climbing Equipment:

RMH recommends that all guests have their personal current climbing equipment to ensure the best possible experience. In your personal climbing gear, you feel more comfortable during the entire climb and get the most out of it. However, all the heavy technical equipment such as boots, crampons, harness, and ice-axe can be rented from us at the RMH lodge after your arrival. Below we have listed the checklist of all the required equipment for your successful Elbrus climbing trip. Please, check it out and make sure that you already have everything that is listed below or let us know the list of items you need to hire in advance. You can also visit our Elbrus Climbing Equipment page for more detailed gear list with descriptions and good examples.

  • High-mountain boots for use with crampons (double or insulated)

  • Crampons (Crampons must check fit with climbing boots prior to trip)

  • Ice axe (Ice axe with a leash. Lightweight)

  • Lightweight Climbing Helmet
  • Climbing harness (Alpine climbing harness. Should have adjustable leg loops and fit over all clothing)

  • Sunglasses (Glacier glasses 100% UV protection with side shields or very good sunglasses with wrap around coverage)

  • Ski goggles (For wind and snow during the bad weather conditions and summit day)

  • Headlamp with new batteries

  • Extra batteries

  • 2 Locking and 2 non-locking carabiners. Larger is better for harness (pear-shaped carabiner is the best, screw gate type recommended)

  • Self-belay leash (2-meter sling or prusik cord)

  • Trekking poles (Adjustable)

  • Comfortable backpack for climbing (a minimum of 30 liters)

  • Warm sleeping bag (down or synthetic sleeping bag rated to 0 F or -15 to C.)

  • Inflatable mat for your sleeping bag (Thermarest or Exped)
  • Bottle for water (1 liter wide-mouth Nalgene)

  • Thermos (1-liter small stainless steel thermos)

  • Small personal first aid kit (with your personal doctor recommended medications)

  • Several various pairs of warm thermal socks

1-2 pair of liner socks (polypropylene or wool)

2-3 pairs of lightweight trekking socks (polypropylene or wool)

2 pairs of medium to heavy wool socks for the upper mountain, check boot fit with liner and wool socks on.

  • Thermal underwear 

2 long sleeve polypropylene or wool shirts lightweight, we highly recommend light colors for base layers.

2 pairs of lightweight to mid-weight long underwear bottoms.

  • Trekking / Hiking pants. 2 pair pants. At least one pair should be simple nylon trekking pants for the walking on acclimatization days and relaxing.

The second pair can also be nylon or lightweight soft shell climbing pants for on the mountain.

  • Shorts. 1 pair nylon shorts for city days and base camp.
  • Sandals. 1 pair sandals (Optional but nice on warm days in Pyatigorsk and at the base of the mountain lodge)
  • Fleece jackets. 1 Soft Shell or intermediate thickness fleece jacket or wind shirt.

  • Fleece pants. 1 pair fleece pants or light synthetic insulated pants.

This is OPTIONAL for extra warmth on summit day and also on the lower mountain for Base Camp evenings.

  • Down jacket. Down or Synthetic Sweater or Jacket or 300/400 weight Fleece Jacket.

    Essentially an additional mid-weight warm layer for cold days in your layering system.

  • Usual warm clothes, in which you feel comfortable

  • Gore-Tex Jacket (an effective waterproof and breathable fabric. The uppermost layer of your clothing) — Check out this link to see how it works!

  • Gore-Tex Pants

  • Several pairs of gloves (A minimum 1 pair of very warm gloves)

  • Buff (bandana that protects your neck and face from the wind and snow)

  • Several hats (A minimum 1 warm wool or synthetic hat, that cover your ears)

  • Cap

  • Sunscreen with at least SPF 40. SPF 50 is better
  • Lip care with at least SPF 30, 2 sticks. A string to hang around the neck is helpful.
  • Extra batteries for your headlamp
  • Toiletry kit
  • A small supply of personal toilet paper in Ziploc for an emergency. We provide paper while at huts.
  • 3 large plastic bags for keeping your gear dry
  • Extra Ziplocs for keeping small things protected
  • Earplugs. Highly Recommended! We sleep in a mountain shelter with other climbers!
  • Hand wipes for personal hygiene
  • Favorite snacks, a combination of salty and sweet. Candy bars like snickers are available at the base of the mountain in shops.

Bring about 1.5 kilos or 2+ pounds. For summit day and walking days.

  • Paperback books and some magazines for travel within Russia and for stay at the mountain shelters
  • iPod or MP3 with extra batteries
  • Camera with extra batteries or charging cords
  • Waterproof wallet for travel documents, money & passport, Russia Visa
  • Power bank
  • Lightweight personal crockery. Knife, fork, spoon, mug.

Important! Special requirements for Elbrus climbing participants:


  • Medically fit and physically trained for alpine climbing at high altitudes. We will need to have a look at your medical examinations, which should indicate that you have no contraindications to engage in this type of activity in the mountains and that you are completely healthy and in an adequate mental state.


  • Before arrival in Russia, please carefully check all the necessary information for foreign citizens entering the country. This information could be found on the website of the Russian Federation embassy of your country. For example, if you are a Canadian citizen, you have to check the website of the Russian Federation embassy in Canada, etc. Some laws are very new and constantly changing and may differ for citizens of certain countries! Please keep in mind, it is your responsibility to be aware of the necessary requirements for entering the country! Russian Mountain Holidays LLC will not be responsible for ANY problems that may arise upon the violation of customs laws of the Russian Federation.


  •  Age limit — not less than 18 years old, and not older than 55 years old.

Mandatory! Required documents:


  • International Medical & Evacuation Insurance for Alpine Climbing which includes helicopter evacuation in case of emergency. PLEASE, KEEP IN MIND, IN CASE OF EMERGENCY DUE TO INJURY WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF THE HELICOPTER EVACUATION EVEN IF THE GUEST DOES NOT HAVE EVACUATION INSURANCE.
  • Passport.
  • Russian Tourist Visa.
  • A Medical Examination Certificate which indicates that you have no contraindications to engage in this type of activity in the mountains at high altitudes and that you are completely healthy and in an adequate mental state. We need to look at your Medical Examination Certificate at least 3 months before your arrival. The results should be fresh. We accept the usual medical certificate from your family doctor for an overall health check + cardiologist check. Please, take it seriously! WITHOUT MEDICAL EXAMINATION WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE YOUR BOOKING AND SELL YOUR SPOT IN THE GROUP TO THE NEXT PERSON ON THE WAITING LIST.



Alpine climbing or mountaineering always comes with a certain risk that we can’t completely control and is dangerous. Our job is to reduce this risk to a minimum as much as possible, but it’s still there as this is a wild nature. Climbing Mount Elbrus we spend 5 to 6 days in the backcountry. Buying this trip you have to understand and be aware of the seriousness of the Mount Elbrus climbing program and the possibility of the risk. Upon arrival at the RMH lodge on the first day of the trip, every guest will be asked to read and sign the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT.



TOUR PRICE:  EUR €2300.00
per person incl. taxes